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MidlifeAlchemy for Women

midlife alchemy

Would you like to feel more at ease and more vital?

Join me for Midlife Alchemy! In alchemy, the goal is to transform lead into gold. In Midlife Alchemy, the "gold" we work toward is for you to live unabashedly and gracefully, fully being yourself. That's when life unfolds with ease, when you experience joy, and have the sense of being in the right place at the right time.

By joining the Midlife Alchemy course you will:

  • be part of a supportive community of midlife women
  • receive weekly thought-provoking prompts for self reflection
  • experience the opportunity to tap into your creativity
  • benefit weekly from powerful guided visualizations

Midlife Alchemy for women is a course designed to help you

·      realize that your situation is not an isolated experience
·      understand the bigger picture of how your life unfolds
·      appreciate your strengths and achievements
·      reframe perceived failures and forgive yourself for them
·      connect with your deeper sense of self
·      learn to focus on what really matters and do so graciously
·      become empowered to take more agency
·      live more authentically and joyfully

The course is structured according to psychological alchemy and designed to strengthen your sense of self. It is presented in the form of modules and uses a variety of approaches for deep personal exploration of your midlife situation, including:

·      reflection
·      exploring alchemical symbolism
·      writing
·      drawing/painting/collage (your choice)
·      visualization
·      sharing
·      camaraderie

The course is enriched with guided visualizations that will help you transition out of what holds you in an undesirable situation and help you transform into a freer, more joyful version of yourself.


You will learn to

·      look at your life from a new perspective
·      appreciate your strengths and achievements
·      reframe and forgive yourself for your failures
·      understand how positive and negative exist side by side
·      see that your situation is not an isolated experience
·      appreciate yourself for who you are
·      connect with your deeper sense of self
·      learn to focus on what really matters
·      become empowered to accept and embrace the many facets of life

Women only.

An online course will be offered in 2020 using zoom video calls. Please join the Midlife Alchemy Mailing List to receive information about the start date and other details.

Underlying concepts

Underlying concepts of this unique and innovative workshop include Jungian psychology, healing writing, and transformational art. In addition, the beautiful and symbolic proto-science of alchemy gives structure to the course and guides us in integrating conscious and unconscious aspects of our beings.

This course introduces the building blocks of change, the principles of alchemy, and will guide you through the territory of your psyche. You will gain insights into yourself, begin to see new points of reference for your life, and leave strengthened. Change, however, takes time. Just as the seed needs time for germination and ripening, the psyche needs time to process insights and grow. To address this essential element of transformation, i will offer a graduate class for continued exploration and support.

Interestesd but not available this time around? Please let Eva know and you will receive an invitation to the next cycle.

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Eva is very compassionate and I can tell she does this wholly from the heart to help heal. You learn about things you don't know, are hidden, and see through a visual representation—clearer intentions follow!
workshop participant