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Eva is a life coach primarily dedicated to serving women. She blends an academic background, rich life experience, and an eclectic mix of alternative practices to help her clients connect with their true nature as a way of fostering love, purpose, and well-being.

Eva grew up in Germany where she studied engineering (M.S.), worked in communications, and later on became an acclaimed fashion designer with her own boutique in Berlin. She moved to California to follow her heart and her spiritual quest, and to conduct doctoral studies in psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (emphasis on Jungian Psychology, Ph.D. '02). Eva has also studied the esoteric arts, including astrology, and shamanism, and is actively involved with SoulCollage®. She was certified as a co-active coach by the Coaches Training Institute. In 2019 she started teaching coaching at JFK university.

Apart from her many credentials, Eva considers her intuition an equally important partner in her work. It is her intuition that enables her to tailor her tools and techniques to the individual client, and to suggest a path that guides the client to real breakthrough experiences.

Curious to know more? Here are some more details about my path.

My professional background is diverse and my path to coaching has been serpentine. Along that path, I acquired a host of skills, work experience, and explored several professional environments, spanning from science to design, in roles as diverse as being an employee to being a solopreneur. On my path I learned a lot about motivation and change, two central topics of coaching.

My first degree is in Verfahrenstechnik, loosely translated from the German as methods of engineering. After receiving my MA I was invited to work at a new agency for technology transfer at the TU Berlin in Germany. That was a great opportunity to hone and develop many skills. I learned how to organize seminars, write reports, collect, organize, and publish information, and I got my feet wet consulting in a technology environment.

When my contract ended after 3 years i moved into a diametrically opposite direction. Following a childhood dream I became a fashion designer. I took out a big loan, rented a store, bought fabric, and started to design. It was very exciting—and very demanding. My illustrious career as a fashion designer ended after 3 years. I had to acknowledge that i had run myself solidly down doing 5 jobs simultaneously: I was working as designer, pattern maker, production supervisor, sales person, and marketing chief, plus doing excursions into choreography for fashion shows.

When I had 3 potentially life-threatening accidents within one week, I realized that I could not continue to operate under this amount of pressure. There was only one thing to do, bring my tenure as a fashion designer to an end. The rise and fall of my fashion empire—as I now jokingly call it—taught me a thing or two about the power and limitations of will, and about the devastation that follows the sense of defeat.

My next career was in adult education. I became a top performing instructor in a school training adults for a career change. I was hired to teach mathematics, but quickly expanded to also teaching interpersonal communication skills. I found I enjoyed this new subject matter and began working as a freelance consultant on the side. But, in the Berlin of the mid 1990s, getting hired in the area of interpersonal communication skills was not easy without a degree in psychology. That is how I came to study psychology and move from Germany to the US. I received a PhD in East-West Psychology in 2002 from CIIS in San Francisco.

All of my former careers have helped me become a successful coach. It is not only studied skills that matter—experience in different environments and in a variety of functions has added a great deal to my understanding of the workspace and the psyche. My clients appreciate the breadth of my background and my solid education. They also like that i am gentle and compassionate yet also structured and dynamic.

Most of my clients are women 40s-60s who want to live a fuller, more satisfying life while lowering the pressure they experience from the outside. They come to me for various reasons:

  • stress overload
  • unsatisfying working situation
  • rethinking work while unemployed
  • unhappy relationship/marriage
  • recovering from a break-up
  • needing support breaking out of a marriage or a long-term relationship

These reasons all funnel into the overarching theme of redefining themselves in the world. I am a perfect fit for them since i have experienced so many situations first-hand. They trust me because they sense that i have the tools and the free spirit that will help them.

Change takes awareness and discipline – most of us struggle with at least one of the two. The support, guidance, and structure that you receive through coaching helps you grow steadily, and stirs you back on track when you fall back into old habits. Contact me to explore working with me and getting me on your support team.



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Coaching allowed me to cherish myself ... and adopt a new self-image. ... When I think back to the year I worked with Eva, what comes to mind are: breakthroughs, deep listening, paradigm shifts, joyful presence, being seen, mirroring my highest good; remembering my soul's journey; tears & laughter, sharing mother loss, creative energy.

I highly recommend Eva Ruland as a life coach.

Carolyn C., artist and educator


It is amazing how in a phone call Eva can help me come back to my true self. She is really good at it.

Chris C., anaestiologist