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Become a Silver Queen: the Alchemy of the Feminine

silver queen

The Silver Queen :: Alchemy of Empowered Feminine Wholeness

For the last couple of millennia in large parts of the world the notion of femininity has been reduced to receptivity, gentleness, sex appeal, mothering, and caring.

Today, we live in a society that claims equal rights for women. But do we live them fully? Do we claim our womanhood fully, together with our power? Do we fully tap into the specific gifts of the feminine while standing up tall and insisting on our contribution?

This three-part workshop gives an opportunity to explore different aspects of the feminine, and offers a structure in which you can examine your relationship with power. The goal is to help you integrate more of who you are and to invite you to expand into a richer tapestry of being a woman today.

Interestesd? Please let Eva know and you will receive an invitation to the next cycle.

The Silver Queen is a place to rethink, explore, reflect, and to own. Eva will present material to stimulate thought and inspire opening into a wider perspective. She will guide you as you explore your own habits of relating to the outside world, your inner world, and your creativity. The intend is for you to find new possibilities and to embrace your power in new ways.

You will
• delve into an archetypal perspective
• explore the unconscious
• connect with your creativity
• reflect on your deeply held believes
• expand beyond your limitations

as you encounter the aspects of the Silver Queen.

Activities include:
• working with imagery
• reflecting on poetry
• self-reflection
• guided visualization
• sharing

Things we'll cover:

Femininity and Creativity
The Silver Queen explores dimensions of femininity and Moon Alchemy, the realm associated with the unconscious and the creative.

Exploring Feminine Archetypes
The Silver Queen offers a look at feminine archetypes and how they might relate to you.

Being in Your Power
The Silver Queen examines your relationship with power and offers empowering exercises.

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Eva is very compassionate and I can tell she does this wholly from the heart to help heal. You learn about things you don't know, are hidden, and see through a visual representation—clearer intentions follow!
workshop participant