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SoulCollage® Workshop Testimonials

"This workshop is a safe + wonderful way to connect with myself + my creativity."

Susan Johnson, Oakland

"It's a great way to give myself permission not to be doing, planning, processing etc and be in a supportive environment that allows my soul to reveal itself to me. It's a wonderful way to be creative without needing artistic skills."

M.H. San Francisco

"I have found the Soul Collage process helpful in working through some life events. Thank you for being my teacher."

Claire C., Oakland


"SoulCollage has really opened up my creativity. My work as an artist has completely changed direction. I now feel more in touch with what I want to say with my art."

PBF, El Cerrito

"Eva is wonderful. Taking an afternonn to make art & explore its meaning is an interesting & fulfilling experience."

S.W, sales

"I think you will like this workshop; it will satisfy your need to be creative and also allow you to learn something about yourself."

F.T., Berkeley

"The workshops are so full of space + time to breathe ... reflect. They are a gift that takes us into ourselves. ... Everyone of us is working on something, and I'm reminded that vulnerability is a truly connecting experience."

Susan, Artist

I started with SoulCollage one year ago and was fascinated with it. I noticed that it created a pathway for me to access information which had previously been inaccessible. I had been feeling emotionally stuck and was struggling with depression and I found that a transformation from unknowing to knowing was beginning. When I added coaching with Eva, we worked on surrendering to the present and outlining steps to take to achieve personal growth. Within a few months, I experienced a shift. Eva uses some powerful tools. Immediate results were apparent and 9 months later, the effects are still with me. I feel a freedom to experience all of my emotions and communicate my needs and wants effectively with loved ones. I was able to open my heart to give and receive love.  Working with Eva changed my life. I loved working with her and continue to come to her workshops to be a part of a community of people who are also lifelong explorers of what it means to be a fully embodied and energized person in this world.
I highly recommend this work. It will change your life!

Eileen S.

"This workshop is extraordinarly enlightening. I highly recommend it."

C.W.E., Alamo

"Collage making with Eva is a uniquely amazing way to have a meditative creative and opening experience ... shared with good people. Eva is a personable and committed instructor/guide."

Rachel, realtor

"This is a fun way of connecting with your creativity + exploring different aspects of self."

MD, San Francisco

"Eva, I am super thrilled that you share the soul collage technique and purpose in your workshop. Thank you...
I love my cards...they continue to speak to me. So personal and universal...wowow super!
...your offering is important. "

LJ, Berkeley

"Eva creates a safe place to explore ourselves through collage and share comfortably with others."

"Wow, I made a card that represents where I am in my life at the moment... I am learning to nurture myself and one of the ways is through SoulCollage®. Thank you, Eva!"

Deedee, Burlingame

"It is surprising how much you can learn from the collages of yourself and others. I can unlock my deeper desires with artiwork."

"I really enjoyed hearing the other participants share."

T.L., Oakland

"It's a wonderful way to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon and create art that always tells me something I need to hear."

SMW, Oakland

SoulCollage is a gentle and relaxing way to gain access to our inner selves and to discover what they have to say. Eva is wonderfully supportive and thoughtful in her guidance.

Susan, Oakland






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I love my cards ... they continue to speak to me. So personal and universal ... wowow super! ... your offering is important.
LJ, Berkeley